Bliss Adapta Adapter Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow


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Breathable hypoallergenic memory foam with removable foam for height adjustment.

  • The Bliss Adapta pillow is made with two inserts of breathable memory foam that’s both supportive and comfortably soft.
  • The Bliss Adapta pillows cover is made from a specialised fabric that helps to keep your head cool. For hygiene it includes silver silk, which has antibacterial qualities.
  • If you’re a side sleeper you’ll probably want to use it at full height. If you’re a back sleeper or have narrow shoulders , try removing one foam insert. The lower height is also better for children.

Hyper allergenic memory foam for comfort and coolness.
Height adjustable:
Remove a layer for a lower pillow.


Smart Fabric
Cover made with 35% cooling yarn, 60% polyester and 5% antimicrobial silver silk.

660mm L x 338mm W x 116mm H

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